She chained him in a cave,
She made a sign on the door;
The virgin forgot the light
And the key fell into the sea.

She waited for the summer days:
She waited more than eternities,
She waited for the winter days;
combing her hair while waiting

The Men of Light remembered her.
Missing her, they went looking,
When they found Her,
They slipped between the stones
And used rockets to light up pebbles
on the path leading to Her.

One evening a Man passes by,
He does not understand Her light
Nor it’s clarity and so he
dared not approach ..

He thinks She’s a strange sign,
He believes that She might be
a source of gold, then again
He thinks She plays
a foolish angelic game
He turns away
and goes on again …

Meeting her over and over..
Always as a passerby.




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