the times before reason

A star in the Temple of
the Clouds firing open holes
inside all the skies;
It’s the bloody dawn of times
the times before reason,
Like a dream living inside
the burning skies, the
fetal gods are all sleeping
waiting for the beginning, that
moment when past and future
meet immobile, which is the
dream and which is real?

I’m alone, the first Woman
hopping like a grasshopper
from step to step across mountains
the seas offering up my reflection,
golden as I run; I run with my
mouth open, eating up the dry stars
the thorns of the sun pierce my
side vibrating bells within me clang.
My ribs are sharpened on
the dreams of God.



2 thoughts on “the times before reason

  1. Ich weiß nur nicht mehr, was ich sagen soll. Die Götter rufen nach uns, doch wir verweilen mit Fremden und Schweigen im Staub.


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