Agitating the universe

You who have been raised
from sinister cradles,

approach shrouded, hidden
within poisoned waters,

You who from the depths of
your soulless shell spew perfidious words,
fountains of evil, by what dark roads
and detours have you come seeking
my people?

By what fatal path have you arrived,
come to fill your exhausted graces,
lapping at the purity of my folk and kin –
you who have been born out of

the edge of my race,
my people who are the Elysian Terrestrial  ?
By your secret fatal designs, I know you,
I see you leaning over them, offering
a gleam of glittering horror that
is your eternal night, You who
beckon them toward Evil’s paradise
whispering your evasions, your
sneering plaints and accusation,
always ever pursuing our kind,
Agitating the universe with your
presence, seeking
a lost dawn, our blood
and youth in bloom, You come
for us with hated longings to appease

I do not know which crown you seek,
I do not know what love you need,
so infamous and so beautiful,

that you would encircle my people with
your hell’s tombs, whispering magikal
incantations to lure the faithful and
beloved away from divine protection,

I have forever embalmed your memories
of the time when you too once belonged to
the race of the beautiful, the gods’ favored,

the grace-filled and the pure.


Ich sah meine….

Ich sah meine Wikinger weinen
Ich habe schlachten gesehen,
Ich habe alle meine gesehen
Brüder und Schwestern
Kämpfe nebeneinander
mit stolz und als eins
Sie hielten Flaggen von helden
kämpfte mit ihren Schwertern

Ich sah die tränen des Sieges
und Niederlage in den augen von
unsere Krieger ….

Ich habe mich dort versteckt
im wind tanzen


I saw my Vikings cry
I saw battles,
I have seen all of mine
brothers and sisters
Fight next to each other
with pride and as one
They held flags of heroes
fought with their swords

I saw the tears of victory
and defeat in the eyes of
our warriors ….

I hid there
dancing in the wind






Rain and Smoke of the World

Know that We are your One
connections, strings made of cries
Sounds of church bells ringing
in the dawn all across the
European landscape of Our love

We hang the centuries of the
strings of love, tying our nations
weaving and woven inside together

We are only Who, free of chains,
waving our hands in the violent rains
falling, hanging ropes, its damp
fumes, everything underwater,

Rain and smoke falling on the
Babel Tower, chained to bridges,
all Lovers in the world, related,
tenuous  lines, white rays emanating
insane and drowning Babel of
Europa no more, Europa I write
only to exalt your meaning, and
I write to swear vengeance on
the Enemie of Your desires, the Enemy
of Your regrets, the Enemy of
Your tears, dear Europa, Know that
We are Your One.




Pro Patriarchy Manifesto – Notes From the Underground:

Goethe’s declaration that man has two choices:  To either be the anvil or the hammer is especially true when it comes to relations between men and women.

There’s no cruelty or arrogance in the truth.  Truth, like nature, simply exists ‘as is’ and is to be accepted as such.

Men who look at women with an idea to change us is close to the right path to our hearts.

But, changing a woman is never as good as moulding her –  bending her to his will.  Creating her from the ground up, in his own image of that which he desires and can love.  Changing his women is not only a requirement, but a necessity – especially in terms of propagation of his race.

Men used to know this, before the Left and their Feminists took over.

As a result,  men have forgotten that Man the Sculptor/Creator must always break the flesh of his creation in order to expose the beauty within her.

Men are now expected to worship women simply because they are females.  Since when did being born female make a woman, especially the undeserving,  any man’s cruel goddess whom he  must worship and obey?

Pro Patriarchy Manifesto

By:  ©Ionwhite

Reality softly on the wind

How close our reality
breathing nearby me here
softly in the windless evening

Showing itself only when
I no longer believe in it
Our reality shines like
sunlight gliding over
the grass, rocks and clean soil

Inside our reality a game
is hidden revealing a
golden key taken from
the hand of God, opening
the door to the spirit of Life

Never has our reality been
so close as it is tonight –
living inside my memories ‘
of meeting you : a stranger
so silent but I extended
my hand anyway touching
your soul for a moment